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i haven’t done one of these in a while so and since my last one i reached my another k and im fairly close to my next one so i thought this would be a good idea :D Favs are in Bold. Sorry not all of my mutuals are on here i have a lot and most of them are inactive anyways, I’m REALLY sorry if youre not on here. I forgot a lot of people :( if we are mutuals or we do talk and you’re not on here pls forgive me!!!

Best Friends

lukehomoings: BUBS!! you’re like my bestest friend in the world. i have no clue what i’d do without you. You’re the first person and only person i’ve like completely opened up to!! you know things no one else knows. you’re one of the few people i can trust and i thank you for being there for me all the times ive needed you or ive done something stupid. You’ve helped me in a million and one ways and it makes me happy knowing that ive got you as a friend. you’re absolutely beautiful, on the inside and out and i think you’re great. ily bubs :)

stonedcashton: CHUMMY!!! How we became friend will always be a mystery to me ahaha. i’m glad we are friends though.you’re sooo kind and sweet and beautiful. our tinychats will always be the greatest!! and the way we send eachother pictures of whatever band member we have feels for is great. tbh i cant believe that we’re friends bc you’re just so great! ily :3

where-did-our-minds-go: BBY! Abi, ily and you’re one of the funniest and most amazing people ever!! i feel like there’s things i can talk to you about that no one else will ever get which is great!!! i will never forget our first conversation and we talked about o2l, it was so awkward ahaha.  i can’t wait till we meet, it’s going to be sooooooooooo amazing!!

iobeyfandoms: ARI!!! You’re one of the bestest ever people in the whole entire world!! you’re so mature and such a great friend to everyone. you’re very wise Ari which idk it’s just really great!! you always know the right things to say. i really hope we meet one day. we need to have that skype chat and tinychat soon!!!!! ily

calfromyoutube: Bruh!! Abi you’re my b okk!! you’re soooooooooo funny!! our snapchats are the best tbh. i still think we should do what we planned if either one of us meet calum ;) U and nash are perf together nashbi4lyfe!!! you’re beautiful and amazing, you don’t deserve any of the shit you get from people. 

Super Close Friends and Amazing People

ash-f-irwin: Tom you’re super cool and you really need to do a cover soon bc you’re guitar skills are A+++. i can never thank you enough for making that group chat bc it’s literally the best. i hope we meet when you come to england next year bc it’ll be awesome

flootsaladcal: Jadey!!! you’re like an older sister to me. you’re a great person, you always give great advice. i think it’s amazing how you don’t treat any of us differently bc of our age differences. you and calum would be so cute together (OTP!)

sassqueenmikey: Hannah B) you’re a really cool person and super chill. you’re also so sweet and kind and funny. sometime we’re on the chat at different times which sucks but it’s great when we’re all online at the same time!

nialldrivesmetokfc: Bruna, i think you have a super cool name and super cute accent. not to mention the fact that you’re stunning!! 

fifahemmo: Mariel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re great, like you’re just really great! im v gad we picked you for 5secondsofslutdrop bc its great being in a group chat with you still. our conversations about bubble tea and american stuff are just great ahaha.

readyset5sos: SUMMER!!!! ok so first of all youre stunning, secondly your voice is amazing and i always play your cover, thirdly you’re a great member of the tribe!! you’re so funny and really lovely

englishlovaffair: SOFI!!! you’re a babe tbh. you’re so cute and you always make me smile. i still cant believe we’re friends like whaaaat? you’re gorgeous and your blog is like one of my favs ngl

mikerowav-e: Ariani!!! (omg i always type ariana and then have to go and correct myself im sorry) you are also soooo funny!!! you’re album cover for FTATRD is a masterpiece. i really need to get those t shirts made!! you’re a super awesome person!!!

legohood: Rachel!!! i always seem to miss you in the chat :( but you’re an amazing person and you’re super friendly and you have like the cutest dog ever!!!

calumnesiia: VISHY!!! you’re amazing!! bc of you i am a vasher :D. you’re sooooo pretty and cute. tbh idk if i ship you with luke, ash or calum…

thnksfrclmhd: Juliiiaaaa, i always seem to miss you aswell like we’re never on at the same time which suchs v much bc you’re a really cool person. also your blog is like an A+++ oh my

irwanker: milly you are literally the most adorable person ever!! you’re sooooooo sweet and cute and just awwwww

witzissues: its the same with you tbh :( like i feel we’re rarely on the group chat at the same time but when we have been it’s been rad! oo and you’re so pretty!

Rad Blogs

16yearoldclifford 5secondsof-ellie 5sosdicks 5sospinkspeakers 5sospref absolutelyirwin ashtonftirwin ashtonnfletcher ashtunirrwin babeslucas bigredmikey blink-fivesos bubblegumalum bulbasaurclifford calumfood  castielclifford cliffordfab cliffxrdkitty derpbxll devineirwin  dickmikey dorkmichael exoticmuke fallenfor5sos feelsirwin femmeashton fknband flannelcalumhood gordonmclifford greendavhemmingshurts hightopsluke irwah irweins irwinballs irwinception irwinsobs lamelukey lapcal lilacmxchael lucas-hemminqs lucashemminqs  luhuke lukehennimgs lukeskink mashtonbonanacake mattemichael megblogs michaelandhistoylion michaelsbutt michaelsos michaelstripper mihcael mikepistols msallcanadian  narrryshippers patrick5sos punk-clemmings  punks182 reppinhood sarcalstic  sexwithashtonirwin sleephyash slothmikey snoglucas summerluke teenagerockers thosepunks truemtv urrwin  vegemiteash xhemmiings year6michael 



hey friend. one day ur gonna be happy. one day ur gonna be sitting w someone u love in ur favourite place in the world and ur gonna think “wow. life is p great” and everything will be okay. but u gotta make it til then okay? just hang in there. u’ll be okay.


i nominate Ariana iobeyfandoms for fav Michael girl :)


"Soon I’ll grow up, and I won’t even flinch at your name."
---Alanis Morissette   (via obliteratedheart)



Don´t ever let this video die

Guys please help →


Ok so Kristina (the owner of this blog) is serious the AWESOMEST and is probably sleeping right now (cause it’s daytime here and time differences and yeah). So I thought, let’s do something nice! She is close to 1000 followers and it would be really cool if we could all get her to 1K before she…




If Fox thinks that a Muslim can’t write a book about Christianity

would they agree that men can’t write legislation about women?




it was a simpler time


i nominate Ariana iobeyfandoms for fav Michael girl :)



Hii Paige, I'd like to nominate punkerror for fave michael girl :-)


5 Seconds of Summer attend Radio Row during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 16, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.



'super grunge' michael

he is so beautiful ugh.

Michael: And if we collaborate with anyone who would we choose?

Luke: All Time Low would be sick but that would never happen.

5 seconds of summer + urban dictionary definitions


I didnt really do anything when i reached my goal so i want to do something for you guys, so why not a blog awards! yayyy! this is my first blog awards..


♡ Best Luke url ♡ Best Michael url ♡ Best Ashton url ♡ Best Calum url

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♡ Best writer ♡ Best text posts ♡ Best edits ♡ Best AU memes

♡ Fave cal girl ♡ Fave luke girl ♡ Fave michael girl ♡ Fave ashton girl

Im not doing an overall best blog


-Reblog this (like if you want to bookmark)

-follow me if you like? idk

-Nominate either yourself or someone else in my ask (you can be on anon or not)

im picking two blogs for each cateogry!

((Im going to stop nominations on the 1st October))